EENSATNewsEENSAT Second Steering Committee Meeting

EENSAT Second Steering Committee Meeting

On 24th of October the second EENSAT Steering Committee meeting was held. During the event the representatives of the 3 Ethiopian Universities, together with their Vice Presidents for Research, as well as a delegation from ITC, University of Twente, attended the meeting.

The meeting was now organized by the ACDRM and was hosted at Addis Ababa University, Arat Kilo Campus.

The meeting started with a review of the minutes of the previous Steering Committee meeting. Subsequently a status report of the project and progress achieved on education (Curriculum Review, Learning Management System (LMS), preparations for distance education and blended training courses) and outreach (including linkage to TVETs) was presented.

This was followed by a detailed discussion on the research program developed, status and progress of PhDs, linkage of PhDs and Master’s program studies with emphasis on benefits for food security and agricultural transformation. Each University presented the progress achieved,  the status of research equipment provided under the EENSAT program, challenges encountered, etc.

This was followed by a discussion on budget and financial status of EENSAT program.

After lunch a site visit was planned to the computer cluster and server room / EUMETCast satellite reception and LMS facility established at AAU under the EENSAT project.

Other items on the agenda focused on further engagement of TVETs and development agents of the Ministry of Agriculture and network expansion to other actors from the public and private sector as well as other outreach activities.

All partners expressed their continued support and confirmed their commitment to complete the remaining work within the (extended budget neutral) project time ahead.