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Learning Management System

One of the major pillars of EENSAT is expanding the quality and reach of education and training in GIS and related technologies. Towards this end, a Learning Management System (LMS) to serve as a platform for sharing courses, and to support blended and distance education has been installed and is now up and running. The LMS serves as an open platform that is now accessible at the three partner Ethiopian universities, namely: Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and Mekelle. Eventually the platform will also (partly) be accessible to external parties, addressed within the outreach program of the project. The digital platform will be supplemented with face-to-face classroom component to deploy a full-fledged blended learning. The blended learning approach will provide the learner a large degree of choice and flexibility in terms of control over time, place and pace of learning.

Staff from AAU, BDU and MU can follow on‐line and blended courses offered through the LMS for use in their own curricula, as well as for translation to distance education at TVET level. The courses currently available cover gaps that have been identified in the curriculum review. A number of case studies has been developed (and is available through the LMS) that can be incorporated into the curriculum of Master programs. 

Access the EENSAT LMS at the Universities through the links below: