Training of trainers of TVET and Development Agents by BDU continues

Geospatial Data & Technology Center (GDTC) of Bahir Dar University in collaboration with Ethiopian Educational Network to Support Agricultural Transformation (EENSAT) project offered a 4-days long Remote Sensing training to Development Agents and Bahir Dar Poly Technic College staff.

The training is a training of trainers (ToT). Hence, the trainees are expected to transfer the skills & knowledge they acquire through the training to their colleagues. Development Agents from six woredas (Yilmana Densa, Sekela, Mecha, Ebinat, Libokemkem, and Fogera) participated in the training that took place from May18-21, 2021.

Topics the training covered include:

  • Best experiences from the previous trainings
  • Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
  • Preprocessing techniques (Geometric correction, Image enhancement, Layerstacking, Mosaicing& sub setting)
  • Image Analysis (Unsupervised & Supervised classification)
  • Accuracy Assessment
  • Project work

For further information, please visit the universities Facebook page (news item of 18 May 2021).