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Curriculum review

Curriculum Review (CR) is one of the major outputs under the Education pillar of the EENSAT project. Accordingly, three programs were identified from the three local partners to review their PG programs in order to meet current international standards in Geoinformation and Earth Observation Science in terms of Constructive Alignment using SMART Model.

Bahir Dar University identified the Geoinformation Science program under the department of Geography and Environmental Studies, and Mekelle University identified the Geoinformation and Earth Observation Sciences for Natural Resources Management (GEOS for NRM) under Institute of Geoinformation and Earth Observation Sciences (I-GEOS). Discussion was made at project and relevant department level to identify and prioritize programs that need CR. CR Committees were formed to start the CR process at each respective local University. In order to assist the Constructive Alignment, one participant from each local university was trained in Nairobi, Kenya from 4 to 8 June 2018 (Figure 1). Mrs Julia Leventi (MSc) from ITC (University of Twente) was providing the training. After the completion of the training, trainers de-briefed their faculty members about the outcome of the CR training, provide useful materials for the CR, and identified staff who can do the actual review at program, module and course level. Addis Ababa University provided training to all local staff who have been involved in the CR.

Figure 1: CR Training held in Nairobi, Kenya